List of Decisions on Contract Award Announcements

NoDateDeadlineDateProcurement DescriptionCompany Info Proposed for Contract AwardProject Cost in USDDownload NoticeRemark
Refered ByProject NameProc TypeCompany NameLicense NoRemark
12/28/20193/4/2020Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Procurement of 9 items fuel for Vehicles, Heating system and Generators  Afghan Compound Sport ServiceD-304484th Street Sabiqa Taymani - Kabul Afghanistan0 Download NA
27/15/20197/22/2019Ministry of Public Works Notification Award for Construction of Rohani Baba Gardez Road Faizi Masroor Construction CompanyD- 24441House #4 Ghazni Gardez Road, Afghanistan0 Download NPA/MOPW/98/W-2433/NCB
37/15/20197/22/2019Ministry of Information and Culture Notification Award for Construction of Shah Alam Khan Historical Place of Zabul Province Hafo Construction & Road CompanyD-25213Kabul-Afghanistan0 Download MOIC/W-13/NCB/1398
47/15/20197/22/2019Ministry of Information and Culture Notification Award for Construction of Wall of Logar Province Museiam Gorbat Construction CompanyD-37141Kabul-Afghanistan0 Download MOIC/W-12/NCB/1398
57/15/20197/22/2019Ministry of Public Health Providing 60Mbps Internet for 20 hospitals of Kabul Center related to Specialty & Tertiary Hospital Directorate Afghan Cyber ISP/ICT CompanyD-35343Haji Yaqob Sqaure, Kabul0 Download MOPH/NCB/98/NCS-04
67/15/20197/22/2019Ministry of Public Health Renting 4 Transportation Vehicles for Kabul, Parwan, Herat and Nangarhar required by the National AIDS Control Program Waris Mansoor Logistic Services Company44955Kotal-e-Khair Khanah, Kabul0 Download GOV/MOPH/HIV/1398/NCB/G01