History Of Debarred Companies

List of Debarred Companies

The following list contains information regarding the debarred companies.

RowBidder NameAddressEntity TypeLicense NumberDebarrement ReasonFromTo
1Sheen Zar Agriculture Trading CompanyOffice # 601, Malang Trading Center, Opposite to Pushtani Bank, Maiwand Avenue, KabulFirmD-25621 Non-fulfillment of obligations under the contract4/2/20174/2/2019
2Arghawan Brothers Construction aand Construction Material Producation Company Share Now, KabulFirmD-21520 Provided false documents as similar project4/2/20174/2/2019
3Mobile and Furniture Emarat LtdKolola Pushta, KabulFirm0101-14460 Submitted fake bank statement4/24/20174/24/2019
4Miad Eiffel Construction and Road Building CompanyHouse # 88, Road # 3, Qala-e-fathullah, KabulFirmD-25751 Submitted Fake Document as similar Contract6/5/20176/4/2019
5International Kabul Marketing LtdKhoshal Khan Meena, KabulFirm6106 Submitted fake document as similar contract6/19/20176/18/2019
6Worono Construction and Material Producation CompanyKhoshal Khan Meena, District # 5, KabulFirmD-23211 Provided fake Bank Statement6/23/20166/24/2019
7Aks Trading CompanyHouse # 70, Street # 4, Line # 4, Taimani, KabulFirmD-31141 Submitted fake bank statement7/3/20177/2/2019
8Khalil Rahimi Construction CompanyAfghan Plaza, Jalaabd City, Nangarhar ProvinceFirmD-02-345 Fake bid security and collision 7/12/20167/13/2019
9Nawi Samsoor Ghazniwal Trading and Logistics CompanyShaheed Square, Mir Wais Maidan, KabulFirm11-01-17829 Contract termination due to failure in performing the obligations specified in the contract 7/27/20177/26/2019
10Rahmat Sadat Construction CompanyTakhneek Street, Karte 4, KabulFirmD-23284 Provided fake bank statement and fake documents as similar contract 8/6/20168/7/2019
11Zaher Momand Construction CompanyNear to Hiwad Wall Blocks, Kartr now, KabulFirmD-62724 Provided Fake documents as similar contract8/11/20168/12/2019
12Fahad Mahir Trading LdtAparment # A13, Forth Floor, Zarkashan Market, Murgha Street, KabulFirm21671 Provided Fake Bank Statement8/14/20168/15/2019
13Amini Roshandel LtdHouse # 3, Baharistan, KabulFirm0101-20023 Submitted Fake Company License8/22/20178/21/2019
14Deer Logistic Services CompanyDasht Shoor,Mazar Shareef, BalkhFirmD-01-1178 Submitted Fake Bank Statement8/24/20178/23/2019
15Aziz Aram Construction CompanyAryana Market, Deh Afghanan, KabulFirmD-32559 Contract termination due to failure in performing the obligations specified in the contract9/13/20179/12/2019
16Pul Consulting Services CompanyJayee Raees, Dar-ul-aman Road, KabulFirmD-34532 Submitted Fake Bank Statement9/24/20179/23/2019
17Skill Tree GroupHouse # 14, Kalimzai Towar, Parwan #2, KabulFirmD-42799 Contract termination due to failure in performing obligations specified in contract 10/16/201710/15/2019
18Sahel Omer Construction CompanyLine # 10, Qal-e-fathullah, KabulFirmD-61712 Provided fake bank statement10/16/201610/17/2019
19Farid Construction ProfessionalWafadar Plaza, Karta-e-now, KabulFirmD-28807 Submitted Fake Bank Statement11/5/201711/4/2019
20Insaf Taiwaiinstallation Heating Suupply Co LTDBarg-e-telayee Center, Ansari Square, Shahre now, KabulFirmD-23023 Submitted Fake Bank 6/5/201712/5/2019