History Of Debarred Companies

List of Debarred Companies

The following list contains information regarding the debarred companies.

RowBidder NameAddressEntity TypeLicense NumberDebarrement ReasonFromTo
1Omid Walizada Trading Compny Ltd Fruit Market, Forth Police Station Square, KabulFirm2485 Provided false information in offer9/26/20169/27/2018
2Rich Land Logistic ServicesUn specifiedFirm 80621 - D Provided fake bank statement10/16/201610/17/2018
3Bilal Paktic Logistic Services LdtUn specifiedFirm21131 Provided fake bank statement10/16/201610/17/2018
4Haseeb Omar Zafar LtdAnsatri Square, Shahre now, KabulFirm0101-9670 Contract termination based on contractor violation 10/18/201610/19/2018
5Arman Service Logistic LdtLine # 3, Taimani, KabulFirm0101-20821 Provided fake bank statement10/18/201610/19/2018
6Comsis Information Technology ServicesStreet # 3, Line # 4, Sheer Pur, KabulFirmD-39831 Provided fake manufacturer authorization letter10/23/201610/24/2018
7Cemex Construction CompanyQaisar Market, Kolola Pushta, KabulFirmD-47465 Contract termination based on contractor violation11/23/201611/24/2018
8Rustam Construction CompanyBaba Qanbar, Kalob Aoos-shahar Road, District # 4, Balkht ProvinceFirmD-23008 Provided fake bank statement12/4/201612/5/2018
9Saadi Ferdawsi Trading CompanyShop # 308, Third Floor, Shamshad Market, Parwan Hotel, KabulFirm1294 Contract termination based on contractor violation12/4/201612/5/2018
10New Sadat Trading LtdPacha Sahib House, Parwan Hotel, Next to Qadir Bakhshi Market, 3rd part of Khairkhana, KabulFirm0101-338 Contract termination based on contractor violation12/12/201612/13/2018
11Nawai Hafiz Habib Trading LTDAnsari Square, KabulFirm0101-14530 Provided incorrect information in bid12/18/201612/19/2018
12Dorukhshan Nooristan Construction CompanyParoon Center, Noristan ProvinceFirmD-02-1391 Submitted fake bank statement12/19/201612/20/2018
13Moon Star Logistic Services CompanyRoad #7, Qala-e-fathullah, KabulFirmD-82907 Submitted fake bank statement12/21/201612/22/2018
14Kabul Alif Taya Trading and Logistic LtdPol-e- Surkh Square, KabulFirm20984 Submitted fake bank statement1/3/20171/4/2019
15Mobel wa Furniture Almaka Mobarak LtdGul-e-surkh Square, KabulFirm23137 Submitted fake bank statement1/7/20171/8/2019
16Afghan World Technologies Trading CompanyRoad # 16, Wazeer Akbar Khan, KabulFirmD-41797 Submitted fake bank statement1/15/20171/16/2019
17Joyan Safa Construction CompanyShahar-e-now, KabulFirmD-31541 Provided false information in bid1/15/20171/16/2019
18Azizi Parwan Construction CompanyMarket Square, Parwan-e-se, District # 4, KabulFirmD-26007 Submitted fake bank statement1/24/20171/25/2019
19Net Com IT Solution ServicesAhmad Shah Masood Street, Behind Attorney General Office, Shahre Now, KabulFirm33625 Submitted fake bank statement2/16/20172/17/2019
20Abbasain Noor Construction CompanyKabul-Nangarhar Road, Takatot, Qala-e-Wazeer Station, KabulFirmD-33291 Provide Fake Bank Statement9/5/20163/6/2019