Bidding Opportunities

In this page you can find the information about the Bidding Opportunities in procuring entities of Afghanistan government. Please select the name of procuring entity and type of procurement and then click on the results button. You can also use the Dari version of the Bidding Opportunities module at the following link. Please Click here.

Procurement Entity
Entity Type

List of all bidding Opportunities.

Total number of Bidding Opportunities:153
NoMinistryTypeContractRefNoDescriptionEnClosing DateBid Doc
1Microfinanace Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan Consultancy ServicesMISFA/AFP/CS-18Housing Microfinance Assessment in Afghanistan12/02/2020 Download
2Administrative Office of the President GoodsAOP/G/053/1399/NCB 17/02/2020 Download
3Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and LivestockGoodsMAIL/IFAD/SNaPP2/18092019/NCBProcurement of total station, Gps Walkie Talkie, Laptop computers, and camera for Snapp2 project 19/02/2020 Download
4Independent Election CommissionGoodsIEC/KBL/NCB/G1/1399از اینکه ورود به داخل کمیسیون از نگاه امنیتی مشکل است بناً تقاضا میگردد کسانی که از طریق سایت شرطنامه را بدست می آورند لطف نموده به ایمیل آدرس ذیل مشخصات خود را حد اقل دو روز قبل از ختم تاریخ اعلان ارسال بدارید: همچنان رسید دریافت شرطنامه را از طریق سایت با خود داشته باشند. 06/02/2020 Download
5National Procurement AuthorityWorksNPA\MOT-ACAA/99/W- 2800/ICBConstruction of Daikundi Airport (Runwa, Taxiway, Ramp, Road, Parking, Terminal, Control Tower(ATC), Fire stations Building, Water tower, Guard towers, Gate house, Electrical power plant and Site Utility’s) for Daikundi Airport Project.12/03/2020 Download
6Kabul MunicipalityGoodsKM/RFQ/G-034/1399 02/02/2020 Download
7Ariana Afghan AirlinesConsultancy ServicesNPA/AAA/NCB/NCS/1399/A-001Consulting Services for Compilation of financial Assignment for AAA10/02/2020 Download
8Administrative Office of the President GoodsAOP/G/054/1399/NCB 18/02/2020 Download
9Administrative Office of the President GoodsAOP/G/055/1399/NCB 18/02/2020 Download
10Administrative Office of the President GoodsAOP/G/057/1399/NCB 19/02/2020 Download