Bidding Opportunities

In this page you can find the information about the Bidding Opportunities in procuring entities of Afghanistan government. Please select the name of procuring entity and type of procurement and then click on the results button. You can also use the Dari version of the Bidding Opportunities module at the following link. Please Click here.

Procurement Entity
Entity Type

List of all bidding Opportunities.

Total number of Bidding Opportunities:175
NoMinistryTypeContractRefNoDescriptionEnClosing DateBid Doc
1Ministry of Communication and Information Technology GoodsMCIT-AFTEL/NCB/G-002/99 17/06/2020 Download
2Supreme Court WorksSC-W-NCB-99-005 09/06/2020 Download
3National Procurement AuthorityGoodsATRA-NCB-1398-11Procurement of IT Equipment Required by ATRA 02/06/2020 Download
4Supreme Court WorksSC-W-NCB-99-01 08/06/2020 Download
5Ministry of Commerce and IndustriesNon Consultancy ServicesMOCI/FLGE/PR/99/008تمام مراحل پروسه از طریق تصدی مواد نفتی وگاز مایع صورت میگیرد16/06/2020 Download
6Ministry of Higher Education WorksMOHE/99/NCB/W-009 15/06/2020 Download
7Supreme Court WorksSC-W-NCB-99-004 10/06/2020 Download
8Supreme Court WorksSC-W-NCB-99-003 10/06/2020 Download
9Supreme Court WorksSC-W-NCB-99-002 06/06/2020 Download
10Ministry of Higher Education GoodsMOHE/98/NCB/G-071/Re-Bid 09/06/2020 Download