1 - What do Goods mean?
Answer: It means objects of every kind including raw materials, products and equipments whether in solid, liquid or gaseous form, as well as services incidental to the provision of the goods provided the value of such incidental services does not exceed that of the goods
2 - What does related services to goods mean?
Answer: It means the services incidental to the supply of the goods, such as insurance, installation, training and initial maintenance and other such obligations of the Supplier under the Contract.
3 - Is amendments and modifications allowed in the contract?
Answer: Yes, if it is in written, by date, in accordance to contract and should be signed by both parties.
4 - What should be the currency of the payment to the contractor?
Answer: The currencies in which payments shall be made to the supplier under the contract shall be those in which the Bid Price is expressed.
5 - What is the Preference for the Procurement from National Source?
  1. The entity shall be obliged to procure goods, works or services produce [furnished] domestically in accordance with the bidding documents; provided that the price of the domestic procurement is not higher than the imported procurement by a percentage set in the procedure.
  2. In comparing the bids of bidders who do not have a resident representative in Afghanistan or who are otherwise not subject to state [Afghanistan] taxes, with the bids of bidders that do have a resident representative or are otherwise subject to Afghanistan taxes, the bid prices of the first category shall be increased by the percentage set in the procedure for purpose of evaluation.
  3. Details and method for application of preferences shall be set forth in the relevant procedures. The Preference shall be given as mentioned in the bidding documents.
6 - When should performance security be returned, which is taken by the employer from the contractor?
Answer: It shall be returned to the supplier not later than twenty-eight (28) days following the completion of supplier’s performance obligation under the contract or termination of the contract for a reason that is not attributable to any fault of the contractor, this should follow as specified in the contract.
7 - When should the payment be done after the receipt of the invoices from the supplier and acceptance of the purchaser.
Answer: Within 60 days or as specified in Bidding Documents and/or Contract.
8 - What should be the transportation terms used for the goods?
Answer: it should be in accordance with the specified INCOTERMS, unless, otherwise mentioned in the Special Condition of Contract
9 - Which Law is applicable to every contract?
Answer: The Law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan unless otherwise, mentioned in the Special Conditions of the Contract.
10 - Who should do tests and inspection of the goods and services?
Answer: The Supplier shall at its own expense and at no cost to the Purchaser carry out all such tests and/or inspections of the Goods and Related Services as are specified in the Special Condition of the Contract.
11 - What is the percentage for the domestic preference?
Answer:As specified in the Bidding Documents.
12 - What is the responsive bid?
Answer: A substantially responsive Bid is one that conforms to all the instructions, requirements, terms and conditions of the Bidding Documents without material deviation, reservation or omission.
13 - In what circumstance, the government owned enterprises can be eligible to participate in the bidding process?
Answer: The government owned enterprises can be eligible to participate in the bidding process if there is no conflict of interest.
14 - Will the absence of a bidder or his representatives in the Pre-bid meeting result his disqualification?
Answer: No
15 - What should be done to the bidder who has submitted the lowest price and doesn’t accept the correction in the arithmetical errors?
Answer: His bid will be rejected
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