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NPC approved 24 contracts worth more than 1.8 billion Afs

Kabul: The National Procurement Commission’s 101st meeting was held at Presidential Palace on Sunday, May 28, 2017, presided by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In this meeting 27 procurement issues were discussed and consequently 24 contracts with the total value of more than 1 billion and 898 million Afs were approved, which included the following projects:

- The road asphalting project from Andkhoy to Qarghan district in Faryab province 
- The health services projects especially for women and child in remote and insecure areas of Kandahar and Urozgan (1st Lot), in Helmand and Farah (2nd Lot) and Nuristan (3rd Lot) through private health service providers
- Procuring of consultancy services organizations to implement the Citizen Charter project in the provinces of Balkh, Sar-e-Pul and Jowzjan for 36 months (3 years)
- Security project of 4 airports (Kabul, Balkh, Kandahar and Herat)
- The consultancy services project of issuing professional certificate for internal auditors of the Ministry of Finance (MoF)
- The contract for establishing and ITC center and a solar system in Ghazni University
- The contract for procuring 100 CI Board required by the Ministry of communication & Information Technology
- The procuring contract of 9 items for establishing home gardens through the installation of drip system in 17 provinces needed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock
- The construction project of a water storage (500 M3) along with the equipment required by the General Directorate of Water Supply & Urban Canalization Corporation
- The maintenance project of public credit registry system (contract amendment with cost extension)
- Procuring contract of 95 Pickup trucks model 2017 needed by the district governors and the provincial heads of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG)
- The procurement contract of electric equipment and construction materials for BaadPakh district of Laghman province, needed by DABS
- The procurement contract of three printers for printing Cards with their parts required by the MoF
- The procurement contact of foodstuff (meat) needed by the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs
- The public awareness project of radio ads broadcasting at national and local levels belong to Ministry of Counter Narcotics
- Procuring contract of liquid gas for the National Directorate of Security’s central offices and its military corps.
On the other hand, the National Procurement Commission (NPC) returned the consultancy services project of hiring technical consultant for Municipalities Deputy of IDLG, design, construction and installation project of Sukhtak hydropower dam in Daikundi, and the construction project of road from Kama e Nawabad to Sangar Saroy in Nangarhar province; for further assessment and resolving technical problems.

It worth mentioning that regarding the construction project of road from Kama e Nawabad to Sangar Saroy in Nangarhar; the NPC decided that the issue of providing fake and misleading information by the proposed bidder company for this road’s building shall be fully assessed by the MoPW and in case of violation, per the procurement law the company must be introduced and referred to NPA for debarment purpose.

The National Procurement Commission also decided that the auditor company which was responsible for financial audit of the above mentioned company who has provided fake documents; shall be prosecuted due to collusion, forgery and concealment of facts and its license shall also be revoked.

In this meeting, beside the members of National Procurement Commission (NPC), the officials of the National Procurement Authority (NPA), the Transparency Observers from SIGAR, members of the Financial and Budgetary as well as the National Economy Commissions of the parliament, the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Caucus (PACC), and the Combined Security Transition Command for Afghanistan (CSTC-A) of the Resolute Support; had also participated.