Standard Biddinng Documents for Goods

You can download the Standard Bidding Documents (SBDs) for Goods in English language from the following tables.

Document Code Description Download PDF Download Word
SBD-G-01 Standard Bidding documents, tender for procurement of goods procurement policy unit - ministry of finance kabul, afghanistan.  
SBD-G-02 Form SBD-G_02 Decision on the Procurement method for goods (instructions, reminders and form)
SBD-G-03 Form SBD-G_03 announcement for goods (instructions, reminders and FORM (Template))
SBD-G-04 Form SBD-G-04 List of Participating SUPPLIERS (Goods) (instructions, reminders and FORM )
SBD-G-05 Form SBD-G-05 Clarification of Bidding Documents (Goods) (instructions, reminders and FORM )
SBD-G-06 Form SBD-G-06 Pre-bid Meeting (Goods) (instructions, reminders and FORM )
SBD-G-07 Form SBD-G-07 Amendment –Bidding Documents for Goods – Issuance of ADDENDUM (Goods) (instructions, reminders and FORM)
SBD-G-08 Form SBD-G-08 Appointment of Members of Evaluation of Bids Committees (Goods) (instructions, reminders and FORM)
SBD-G-09 Form SBD-G-09 Standard Bid Evaluation Form – Procurement of Goods(GoodsProcurement under Tendering Process)
SBD-G-10 Form SBD-G-10 Rejection of Bids(Goods) (instructions, reminders and FORM)
SBD-G-11 Form SBD-G-11 Decision to Award a Contract for Goods by the Award AUTHORITY (Goods) (instructions, reminders and FORM)
SBD-G-12 Form SBD-G-12 Sample Letter to Unsuccessful Bidders (instructions, reminders and FORM)