Standard Biddinng Documents for Small Works

You can download the Standard Bidding Documents (SBDs) for Small Works in English language from the following tables.

Document Code Description Download
SBD for SW English 18.06.09 Standard Bidding documents, tender for procurement of works small contract
SBD-W-03 Prequalification Documents for Procurement of Works 
SBD-W-04 Decision on the Procurement Method for Works
SBD-W-05 Announcement for Prequalification of Contractors (WORKS)
SBD-W-07 List of Participating Bidders (Works)
SBD-W-08 Responses to Clarification Requests on Bidding Documents for WORKS
SBD-W-09 Pre-bid Meeting and/or Site Visits (WORKS)
SBD-W-10 Amendment (Issuance of Addendums) Bidding Documents for Works (Small Works)
SBD-W-11 Appointment of Members of Evaluation Committees Bids and Quotations for Works
SBD-W-12 Standard Bid Evaluation Form (Works being procured under Competitive Bidding) (Draft 1)
SBD-W-13 Rejection of Bids (Works)
SBD-W-14 Decisions to Award a Contract for Works by an Award Authority
SBD-W-15 Sample Letter to Unsuccessful Bidders