International and Regional Conferences

Procurement Policy Unit (PPU) represents the Afghanistan Public Procurement in regional and international conferences and forums. These conferences contribute to the quality of the public procurement in Afghanistan, South Asia Region, and the world. For PPU officials, these conferences has been identified as great resources for sharing experiences, opportunities, challenges, and recommendations in different areas of Public Procurement. The main themes of these conferences include Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP), Procurement Capacity Building, Procurement Performance Monitoring, and enhancement of Procurement Legal Framework. Each year, delegations of different countries gather together in these conferences to discuss their plans and progress on their Public Procurement.

The list of recent regional conferences and links to Public Procurement Websites of countries in South Asia Region is available at the left of this page. Please click on each item for more information.

South Asia Region Public Procurement Forum in Kathmandu, Napal
Asia and Pacific Conference on Electronic Government Procurement in Bali, Indonesia